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Slam Rules

Portrait Slams only work if all participants abide by some basic rules. Failure to contribute to the success of the overall group will result in getting left out of future Portrait Slams

Models and Photographers understand that attending a slam is volunteering your time in efforts to collaborate and network.

All Boudoir Slam participants must be 18 years or older. Consent will be required before posting anywhere online. Body positivity, privacy, and respectful behavior will be required at all times. 

Portrait slams are limited to registered participants only. We work hard to maximize space, avoid confusion, allow creatives to not feel watched, & protect the value of our events. Portrait Slam is not a spectator sport. If you us to make a special exception, please let us know.

Photographers will e-mail high quality images to models before sharing them on the internet. We provide all participants with the information necessary to do so, after each slam using a headshot system. Please honor your collaborations by sending your subject best pic(s) from your brief collaborations. 


Models & photographers give each other & Portrait Slam LLC permission to share their images on the internet for promotional purposes, with credit given to artists. 

Portrait Slam, sponsor(s),  & participating businesses have the right to use any picture from a slam posted on social media for marketing purposes.  We ask that businesses appropriately tag the photographer, model(s), participating businesses & @portraitslam in their posts. 

If images or prints from slams are sold, photographer & model(s) split proceeds 50/50. 

Participants agree to release Portrait Slam LLC, volunteers, & business partners from any claims or liabilities of any kind whatsoever, arising from or related to my participation in Portrait Slam LLC activities. Please be safe & respectful. 

Participants will refrain from cancellation after 72 hours before the slam, at which point tickets become non refundable. 


lease arrive at least 30 minutes before introductions begin. 


Have a friend you'd like to recommend? We always appreciate word of mouth. 

Want to coordinate & exchange inspiration before the slam? Join Portrait Slam Forum on Facebook.

Please print & sign photo release or be prepared to sign upon arrival here

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