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Portrait Slam was created to celebrate and foster community, collaboration, and creativity, and it has always been our intention to host inclusive events. We recognize that diverse perspectives and cultures enhance artistic creativity. We know that inclusion of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color makes Portrait Slam events more dynamic, results in powerful photography, and connects individuals together in a meaningful way. We thought that the inclusive and welcoming nature of Portrait Slam spoke for itself; we've seen recently that the ethos of our business can't be understated - we'd like to be clear where we stand. 

We have witnessed incredible professional and artistic growth of individuals who have participated in Portrait Slams, and we believe this is a result of the curated representation of craftsmanship, experience, and color represented at each Slam. We understand that there are additional barriers and concerns that might prevent a BIPOC model or photographer from participating in this opportunity, but we never want cost to be one of them. Our events are invite-only because we work to ensure diversity at our events, not to exclude it. We welcome you to email or DM us directly to express any concerns you have about participation, or apply here for a Guest Pass to attend your first Portrait Slam at no cost if the ticket price is a barrier. This form may also be used to nominate another BIPOC artist to participate in an upcoming event. 

Apply for a Guest Pass

Please complete the below form to receive a free pass to attend your first Portrait Slam.

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