Business Partners

Portrait Slams are made special through the contributions of businesses and organizations. Interested in helping us spark community, collaboration, and creativity?



Each slam begins with a great location. From airplane museums to wedding venues to industrial warehouses, our featured locations should provide:

  • Space & parking for 40 - 100 creatives

  • Access to a restroom

  • Privacy from the general public 


We have event insurance coverage, liability & release forms, & follow current state guidelines for COVID-19 safety. Portrait Slams are drug & alcohol free events. All participants are asked to "tag" our featured location when sharing images on social media. 

Timeline example:

3:30pm: registration setup begins

4pm: arrivals begin

5pm: introductions begin

5:10pm: photography begins

7pm: final shots/end 


90's streetwear, pop art, beatnik, gods & goddesses...each slam is assigned a fashion theme that matches our location & helps guide creative's style choices. We ask that all models arrived dressed in theme & ready to shoot. Whenever possible, we like to feature a curated wardrobe on location for models to incorporate into their look. We require the following from our featured designer, brand, or clothing store:


  • 25-35 clothing items on location on one rack

  • Transportation of wardrobe to and from slam 

  • A representative to help style and assist models during arrivals and throughout the slam


Camera Gear

Camera shops: come join us with a table at our next slam. Tamron USA can supply you with lenses for photographers to sample during the slam. Connect with photographers while providing an opportunity for photographers to stretch their creative potential and discover new gear.

Makeup Artists

We love offering models an opportunity to collaborate with MUA's at our slams. We ask that MUA's arrive 60-90 minutes before introductions begin. We highlight MUA's in our invitation and ask models to schedule 20-30 minute appointments on location. MUA's typically schedule 3-5 sessions before fully booked. We ask that MUA's and models communicate ideas and expectations before the slam. MUA's should only bring product and equipment that they don't mind donating and ask models to bring the rest.